Last Minute Adoption in Austin

What to Know About a Last Minute Adoption in Austin

You’ve just given birth. As you look at the squirming baby in your arms, you become filled with dread. I can’t do this, you think, as tears well up in your eyes. It pains you to consider this, but you finally realize you’re not prepared to raise your baby. You decide you want to consider adoption for your newborn baby, but you’re already in the hospital. Is it possible to place your baby for adoption this late? Last Minute Adoption in Austin is an Option!

Rest assured that no matter where you are in your pregnancy timeline, you can create an adoption plan for your child. Adoption Choices of Texas is one of the best adoption agencies that can help you create an adoption plan even if you need to create one at the last point in your pregnancy timeline. In this article, we’ll discuss what a last minute adoption is, how the process may differ, what to consider about last minute adoption, and who to reach out to when faced with creating an adoption plan last minute.

What is a Last Minute Adoption?

Typically when creating an adoption plan, birth mothers start at an early point in their pregnancy. Maybe they’ve just found out they’re pregnant unexpectedly and decide adoption is the best choice for them. Or maybe at some point while carrying the child, the mother assesses her situation and decides she can’t raise a child at this point in her life and begins creating an adoption plan for her child. In these situations, the mother has months of time to prepare and create an adoption plan. Conversely, in a last minute adoption, a birth mother makes the decision to place her baby for adoption at the hospital about to give birth, or even shortly after delivery. 

Adoption requirements in Texas law states that a woman must wait 48 hours after delivering the baby to sign adoption papers. Adoption Choices of Texas is a licensed adoption agency fully equipped with the resources needed to assist birth mothers through the last minute adoption process. Primarily due to their extensive pool of adoptive families, Adoption Choices of Texas will always have a range of adoptive families for birth mothers to choose from, even at the last minute. 

Is the Process Different for Last Minute Adoption? 

While you may think that last minute adoption might have a different process, you’ll be surprised to know that not much is different at all. The only thing that sets a last minute adoption apart is the time frame. Birth mothers who decide on creating an adoption plan when they are already in the hospital can still receive a lot of care and support. You will still be able to choose which adoptive family you feel comfortable with during the 48 hour wait time. You will also be able to speak to a knowledgeable adoption counselor and create an adoption plan. Additionally, you will be able to speak with the adoption family and decide if you want to have an open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption. Also, adoption counseling is available if you need someone to talk to about your decision. With all this being said, keep in mind that a last minute adoption can put a lot of stress on you. It is important to consider how much more support and guidance you will receive from Adoption Choices of Texas if you create an adoption plan early. 

What Should I Consider About a Last Minute Adoption?

Considering the fact that not much is different in the last minute adoption process, let’s discuss some things to be aware of when examining a last minute adoption versus a pre-planned one. Although there is no shame in either of the options, it’s best to be well informed. However, we always acknowledge that circumstances can change and may dictate the need for a quick decision. 

In the case of a last minute adoption, a mother has a lot of emotions and thoughts running through her mind while in the hospital, but less time to fully process them. If you carried your baby with the intention of raising them, but once you give birth you become overwhelmed and decide you’re not ready, you have to make the decision to create an adoption plan under extreme pressure. At that point, you have 48 hours to think about your decision and speak to adoption counselors to decide if that is the right choice for you. During that 48 hour period before you can officially sign adoption papers, you will be in the hospital with your baby and you may become overwhelmed with feelings of urgency to make a choice. Either you’ll take your baby home and raise them, or you will continue with the adoption plan. Please realize that creating an adoption plan with an adoption agency also means access to adoption counseling. With enough time, you can thoroughly review your situation with your adoption counselor. They can make sure you are completely confident and sure in your decision.  

Another thing to consider is the amount of time you can potentially spend getting to know the adoptive family. If you want to be able to find a perfect match for an adoptive family and your child, having more time to examine the different families before you make a decision can help you come to peace with your choice. Throughout your pregnancy, you can also take time to talk to the adoptive family you choose and create a bond with them if you choose, which can help facilitate a great relationship that will make an open adoption a fun and healing choice. 

Who Should I Contact for a Last Minute Adoption in Austin?

First of all, no matter what questions you may have about the adoption process, Adoption Choices of Texas is always the best place to start in order to get information. The agency’s birth mother hotline number is available for call or text any time, and the qualified and caring staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. With this in mind, if you reach the point that you decide to place your baby for adoption in Houston but it’s a last minute decision made in the hospital, you can feel at ease knowing that Adoption Choices of Texas will be quick to answer your call. They can service the areas of Houston and Austin ,Texas. They can immediately set up a visit to the hospital and an adoption counselor will be able to discuss your options for adoptive families, what type of adoption may be best for you, and further services they may be able to offer. 

If you are a pregnant woman currently searching “place baby for adoption,” you are not alone. There is a caring, knowledgeable staff ready to help you through this brave decision. Reach out to Adoption Choices of Texas today to get access to support, answers, and judgment free guidance for your adoption journey. 

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