The Rights of a Parent When A Teenager Gets Pregnant

You are a young woman or teenager experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your rights. During this time, you likely have so many questions and you may be experiencing overwhelming emotions and responsibility. This may also have an impact on the relationship between you and your parents making you question the rights of a parent when a teenager gets pregnant.

Other lingering questions you may have include: 

At Adoption Choices of Texas, our compassionate adoption advocates are prepared to assist you. Our adoption agencies in Dallas to Austin adoption agencies provide birth mother wrap-around services and work around your preferences. We assure you as a birth mother that the decision is entirely up to you. You will never be forced to make the difficult decision quickly and are obligated to consider your interests at heart. We are always with you throughout the adoption process and advocate for you. Our mission is to provide a safe space for our clients throughout. In this article, we talk about rights and reaching a solution through the adoption process with our agency. 

What are the Parental Rights When A Teenager Gets Pregnant in Texas?

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming and impactful. This can bring on responsibilities between both the teenager and parents involved. In this case, both the teenager’s and parent’s rights need to be taken into consideration. Parental rights in Texas can be defined as providing for their child’s basic needs. In Texas law, a parent may not neglect a child that becomes pregnant or a parent. Here are three parental rights to take into consideration: 

1. Knowledge of the Pregnancy 

Parents have the right to have knowledge about the pregnancy. It may be difficult at first, but it is better to notify your parents for important reasons. One of these reasons would be to get consent in order to make some health care decisions if you are a minor.   

2. Consent and Decision Making 

Parents have the right to get involved and support the teenager when it comes to decision-making. For example, the adoption process is an option open to you to get support from adoption agencies and your parents alike if needed. 

3. Rights to Seek Support

Parents have the right to seek out therapy and other resources. They have the right to experience the emotions they are going through, as an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming to process. Seeking out assistance is important to not only assist them but also learn how to assist them throughout the journey. 

What are my Emotional And Legal Rights as a Teen Birth Mother in Texas?

As a teen birth mother, you also have your own individual rights, emotionally and legally. What you decide to choose to do with your child is your right on its own. Besides the parents, the teenager experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can feel overwhelmed by the situation at hand. In order to reach a solution between the parents and the birth mother, her own rights need to be considered. Here are three rights birth mothers’ have: 

1. The birth mother has a right of choice regardless. 

Before any aspect of the adoption process occurs, the birth mother already decides how she wants to deal with the pregnancy. If the birth mother opts for adoption, she also has the right to make a variety of decisions. It could be, for example, how she wants to give birth and which adoption agency to arrange these plans with.

2. The birth mother has a right to seek support. 

With the adoption agency of choice, the birth mother can access a variety of resources. At Adoption Choices of Texas, this can include financial and emotional support throughout the entire process. The birth mother can also seek out legal support and seek out communal support groups as well. 

3. The birth mother has a right to post-adoption communication. 

Depending on the adoptive parents, birth mothers are able to communicate with the child based on preference as well. This can be made to maintain a relationship or check in with the child. 

How can the Decision to Put A Baby Up for Adoption in Texas be a Solution? 

Putting a baby up for adoption is not an easy decision to make, but it is an option available as a solution. The adoption process could be beneficial for both the teenager and the parents because it allows for flexibility and involvement of both parties. Within the process, you will also have the ability to make a plan that accommodates your unique situations. This can also include financial and emotional support, a hospital plan, and post-process assistance. 

Adoption agencies, like Adoption Choices of Texas, have professionals who can guide you throughout the entire process and offer support in any sector. Our passionate guidance counselors will introduce you to adoption and the step-by-step process of how this will occur in Texas. With adoption, the potential teenage birth mother will have the chance to pick out based on personal preferences. 

Depending on the birth mother’s preferences, parents are able to support their child throughout, whether it would be legally, financially, or emotionally. In terms of being involved in the child’s life, it will also depend on the decision on how the adoptive parents and birth mother want to communicate. 

The choice of adoption in Texas can assist in acknowledging feelings and rights between both the teenager and parents alike. From both ends receiving opportunities in decision-making to seeking out assistance regardless of circumstances, this allows for both ends to process the long-term impact of the unplanned pregnancy on familial relations.

How can Adoption Choices of Texas Assist Me with the Adoption Process? 

You may be wondering, “Why choose Adoption Choices of Texas?” At our adoption agencies, we are always with you. Our services range from assisting you in creating an adoption plan to a post-adoption support program

At Adoption Choices of Texas, we can provide you with a unique adoption plan that includes: 

  • Creating a hospital/birth plan.
  • The choice of adoptive family for your child.
  • Individualized assistance that is understanding and attentive. 
  • Assistance in deciding the right plan based on your preferences. 
  • Financial and Emotional support. 
  • Provided resources and information from our team of professionals 

As a birth mother, you will be supported through our staff at our Austin Adoption centers, who will continuously advocate for your needs. 

Are You Considering Placing A Child Up for Adoption in Texas and Need Assistance? 

If you are a woman who is considering adoption/adopción de bebes in Texas, Adoption Choices of Texas is prepared. From our adoption agencies in Dallas to our Austin adoption agencies, we are prepared to provide resources and assist you. The decision to place your baby for adoption is not easy, and our professionals will support you and your needs. 

We want to reassure you as a birth mother that giving up your baby for adoption is a loving and selfless decision. You are demonstrating strength and doing the best for both you and your child. We will guide you through how the process works and how to personalize your unique adoption plan. From our counseling services to financial assistance, our mission is to always advocate for our clients’ well-being.


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