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How Adoption Works

how adoption works TexasChoosing adoption in Texas can be a loving and rewarding experience. But where do you start? How does adoption work? As the best adoption agency in Texas, we try to simplify the process for expectant parents and birth parents. We want you to feel confident and comfortable with your decision to place your child for adoption.

Step 1: Explore your pregnancy options and choose adoption

Step 2: Call your adoption professionals at Adoption Choices of Texas to help create an adoption plan

Step 3: Review waiting family profiles and choose an adoptive family to adopt your baby and match with your babies forever family

Step 4: Maintain your pregnancy, receive financial assistance, supportive counseling, guidance through the adoption process, medical care, and more

Step 5: Birth and adoption finalization + post-placement support and care with our birth mother support groups, one-on-one counseling and help getting back on your feet

How do I Choose an Adoption Agency?

Walking through the adoption process isn’t an easy task — there are complex details, legal questions, and so many details — not to mention the emotional and mental toll. Choosing the right adoption agency will ensure a smooth process, questions answered, and confidence built that you are making the right decision, the right way!

Consideration 1: What type of adoption are you considering?

Consideration 2: What adoption services do you need?

Consideration 3: Do you prefer a national agency or a local agency?

When you choose Adoption Choices of Texas, we are acting on your behalf. We are a domestic, local, licensed agency. That means we do not do international adoptions – we focus on Texas birth mothers and adoptive families. Being local means we can meet you face-to-face – we can come to you! You aren’t just another woman giving up a baby for adoption — you are a part of our adoption family. We want to know your story, your why, your family — we are here for you. Since we are a licensed agency, we can also provide financial support.

We want to make sure you are confident through the adoption process and comfortable with your decision. We help you fill out paperwork, make tough decisions, we can help choose an adoptive family, and we provide information, resources, and financial support that you need. We also have professional counselors ready to listen and talk and help.

Tips for Choosing an Adoption Agency:

  • Get referrals from friends or others that have placed their child for adoption, or contact an adoption agency to get a list of referrals.
  • Ask how long the agency has been involved in this line of work.
  • Find out if the agency has a history of disrupted adoptions, and if so, the reasons why.
  • Research and develop a list of agencies that appear to meet your requirements.
  • Find out what services they offer both before and after the adoption.
  • Find out the costs of the adoption and the financial obligations of both the birth family and the adoptive family.
  • Ask if the agency places minority or biracial children.
  • Ask about open vs. closed adoption and the agency’s views and experience with each type of adoption.
  • Ask about any contractual obligations.
  • Ask about adoption plans, decrees, and adoption relinquishment.
  • Inquire about the availability and type of counseling.

Choosing an Adoption Agency in Texas

One of the most important decisions of any adoption plan is choosing the agency you want to work with throughout your child’s adoption. Your adoption agency matters because they can often provide you with valuable resources and assistance as you prepare for your child’s placement. If you choose to work with Adoption Choices of Texas, you will be able to receive both financial and emotional support through our adoption counselors and caseworkers.

In choosing Adoption Choices of Texas, our expert adoption counselors and caseworkers can provide you with personalized advice as you create your adoption plan. Through your adoption caseworker, you can also receive assistance in many of the most important decisions of the adoption process, such as choosing an adoptive family and deciding how much contact you wish to remain between you and your child. Our Texas Adoption Center is also proud to offer financial assistance as you prepare for your child’s birth and placement. We will make sure that you can afford rent, groceries, transportation, phone service, and maternity clothing throughout your pregnancy, as well as any adoption counseling after your child’s placement.

Adoption Center in Texas

We are the leading adoption center in Texas helping birth parents and adoptive families choose adoption. As advocates for women who choose to place their baby up for adoption, we can help you develop an adoption plan that works for you. We are licensed by the State of Texas to provide professional, full-service adoption assistance statewide and beyond! We understand that everyone faces different circumstance and has different needs.

If you are feeling that parenting your newborn or young child is not the right option for you or you feel in your heart that another family is right for your child, you have several options:

Your choices will help give you the assurance that your baby’s needs are being met and will have a solid future! You can feel confident with your decision and comfortable with your adoption plan.

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