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Giving your child up for adoption is not giving up.

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Adoption Choices of Texas helps pregnant women in San Antonio, across Texas, and beyond. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy in or near San Antonio and need help now, we offer the best adoption services in Texas. Call or Text us at 210-787-3900 or at 945-444-0333. Our goal is to meet your needs quickly and with compassion, recognizing that every situation is unique.

We are licensed in the state of Texas which means we can provide financial support, ensure you are receiving the medical care you need, offer a safe place to stay, help cover living expenses, provide supportive counseling, and much more. The adoption process is simple with Adoption Choices on your side and always comes at no cost to the birth parents.

Giving your baby up for adoption in San Antonio TX

Adoption is not giving up. Please understand that terminology is used to help women like you find information to help create an adoption plan. Our San Antonio adoption professionals will help you create an adoption plan. What does this mean? What is an adoption plan? An adoption plan outlines all your wants for yourself and your child through your adoption journey. For example, we empower you to choose an adoptive family.

Our adoption center ensures that all prospective adoptive families go through an extensive screening process called a home study as well as adoptive parent training. You will look through family profiles and select a family that best meets your preferences. You will also choose the type of adoption – open, semi-open, or closed adoption – you want, and post-adoption communication planning.

All birth mothers are fully supported and deeply cared for at Adoption Choices of Texas. At no cost to birth mothers! And at no obligation.

What can I expect through the adoption process?

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During a time where you feel like you don’t have much control, you will always have control when it comes to your adoption planWhat is an adoption plan? It is essentially an outlines of all of your preferences for the adoption process. Your adoption specialist will sit down with you to help you create one.

We believe that you should feel comfortable with every decision and every step of the adoption process. Your voice will be heard above all others when it comes to your adoption plan!

Choosing an adoptive family in San Antonio Texas

When planning for adoption, choosing an adoptive family is one of the most important choices you will make. Making this choice will ensure your child is getting the life you envision for him/her.

Your adoption specialist will present you with adoptive family profiles to review. When considering adoptive families, you can keep in mind the kind of life you want your child to live. Consider:

  • Where do you envision your child growing up? The suburbs, the city, in the country?
  • Do you envision your child having siblings?
  • Do you envision your child growing up with pets?
  • How do you envision the adoptive parent? Race, age, lifestyle?

When choosing an adoptive family for your child, your adoption plan also allows you to choose if you would like to meet them before placement of the baby, keep in touch through your pregnancy, and communication with them AND you child post-placement. You can learn more about open, semi-open, and closed adoption here.

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