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Adoption Process for Birth Parents in Texas

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption, the ins and outs of the adoption process can be overwhelming. As an expectant mother, you are likely filled with many questions as you begin to navigate your potential journey toward adoption. “How do I choose adoption?” “Who can help me place my baby for adoption?” “Is there an adoption agency near me?”

While the adoption process can be overwhelming, there are numerous resources available for you and Adoption Choices of Texas is here to help! We are local, experts in adoption, and we have a team of adoption professionals prepared to help you through every step.

The circumstances surrounding adoption vary widely, so it is important to really consider whether adoption is the right choice for you and your family. Despite whether or not your pregnancy was planned, you are here researching adoption, and making an informed decision is to be commended.

Adoption Process in Texas:

Step 1: I am pregnant. Now what?

If you have tested positive and discovered you are pregnant, the first step is to seek medical care for your own health. A doctor will determine the due date.

It is also very important to stop any alcohol or drug use as the effects can easily cross through the placenta and have negative, life-long consequences for a developing child.

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Step 2: Next Steps

Once you have secured medical care, begin preparing for the next step. You may ask yourself:

• Am I ready for the changes this pregnancy will bring to my current plans for the weekend? The summer? The next 18 years?
• What were my goals for my life before I found out I was pregnant? What are they now?
• How can I plan to support myself and a child? How much do diapers cost? Baby formula? Other baby items?
• Can I handle a child and a job and/or school at the same time?
• What is the father’s role going to be? Can I depend on him to provide me with financial and emotional support and care for the baby?
• What are my parents and friends going to say?
• How can I finish school? Go to college? Start my career?
• Would I be able to physically and emotionally provide the stability, love, and support my child needs and deserves?

In short you have 3 choices: parenting, terminating your pregnancy, and adoption

Step 3: Choosing Adoption

Adoption is chosen for many reasons. Some want their child to have a more stable or financially secure home; others don’t want school or career opportunities to be lost by raising a child; and many don’t feel ready for the lifelong commitment of parenting. Whatever your reason for thinking about adoption, learning about all your options will help you make the best choice for you and your child.

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Step 4: Making your adoption plan

Adoption Choices of Texas will help you understand your options and make a plan that meets your needs. You’ll want to consider whether you’re prepared to parent a child for the next 18 years, and what resources you’ll have if you choose to raise your child. Our professional staff will help you think through your feelings, concerns, and questions without any pressure.

Step 5: Involving the father of the baby

The baby’s father has parental rights, but what happens with those rights depends on your situation. Whether you are married, and how active the birth father is in your life will affect how his parental rights are handled before the adoption is final. Our staff can take care of all the necessary paperwork.

Step 6: Choosing the adoptive family

You decide how active you want to be in choosing and getting to know an adoptive family. Some of the women we help want to have a lot of contact, even inviting adoptive families to doctor visits. Some of the women we help don’t want contact and have the agency choose a loving family that matches their wishes. While we advocate open adoption or semi-open adoption, closed adoptions are also an option.

Step 7: Staying safe and healthy

During your pregnancy, it is very important that you are able to stay safe and healthy – for your own well-being and for the well-being of your baby. We will make sure that you are not worried about stable housing, healthy groceries, reliable transportation, and uninterrupted phone service. Your adoption counselor will also make sure that you are receiving the counseling and guidance you need to have a positive and healthy adoption experience.
Top tips during pregnancy.
Financial assistance.

Step 8: Hospital and birth plan

Nearing your due date, you want to feel better prepared. Adoption Choices of Texas is here to do just that by helping you create a hospital plan! While no amount of preparedness can fully take away the flood of emotions you’re sure to have on your delivery day, having a breakdown of events will help you know what to expect.

A hospital plan can be a list or a document detailing what you do or do not want during your hospital stay. Creating one before you go into labor helps you mentally prepare for the process. It also allows your adoption professionals and adoptive parents to understand exactly what you want your stay and delivery to look like.

Step 9: Signing adoption paperwork

In Texas, you may sign the adoption papers 48 hours after giving birth. Your decision only becomes final when you sign that paperwork. It’s a good idea to make important decisions as early in your pregnancy as possible, so you’re not in a hurry to choose a family and make your adoption plan.

Step 10: Contact and counseling after adoption

You will have the ongoing support of your adoption counselor as long as you need after the adoption, and your financial support will continue for about a month after birth. We will arrange the contact that you want to have with the adoptive family, if you want any, and we will always be available whenever you need our help.
Post-Placement Support Program.

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Why do Birth Mother’s Choose Adoption?

Women choose adoption for a number of reasons, any reason! It is a personal choice. Usually, she knows she cannot parent the child, is not ready to parent, or does not want to parent. The reason behind that is hers. Maybe she is not financially independent, maybe the birth father is unknown or not around. She might be in a difficult circumstance, addicted, homeless, or incarcerated.