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Working with an adoption agency means you safe, supported, and in control of your adoption plan. When expectant parents are facing an unplanned pregnancy, our Austin adoption agency provides unparalleled support.

Receiving guidance and personal care to navigate an unplanned pregnancy is one of the top benefits of working with our adoption agency. You can receive free counseling from our compassionate adoption counselors. They can answer your questions and provide access to waiting adoptive families.

Our adoption counselors can also help you with breaking the news about unplanned pregnancy and your decision to choose adoption to the birth father and your family members. Our Austin adoption agencies also provide other benefits:

  • You choose the family to raise your child
  • You decide how involved you want to be in your child’s life
  • Assistance finding medical care, food, and housing assistance
  • Counseling during and after the adoption process

Austin Adoption Process

Our Austin adoption agency walks birth parents through every step of the process. This includes getting to know what you need through your pregnancy. What is important to you during the adoption process? How do you see the birth plan and hospital experience? Do you want contact with the adoptive family and your child later in life? The control is yours; let’s create an adoption plan together.

Our Adoption Agencies in Austin are here to help you – the birth parents. While also proving an environment for adoptive families to build and/or grow their family. Our counselors are dedicated to you, advocate for you, and support you through the Austin adoption process.

Why Choose Adoption in Austin?

There are several reasons why a woman might choose Adoption Choices of Texas adoption agency in Austin:

  1. Wide range of options: Our adoption agencies in Austin have a vast network of potential adoptive families, ensuring that a woman has a broad range of options to choose from. This allows her to find the right family that meets her specific requirements and preferences for her child’s future.
  2. Supportive services: Our adoption agencies provide comprehensive support services for birth mothers throughout the entire adoption process, including counseling, emotional support, and financial assistance for medical and living expenses. These services help ensure that a woman feels supported and cared for during a potentially challenging time.
  3. Ethical practices: Choosing our reputable adoption agency in Austin guarantees that the adoption process will be conducted ethically and legally. Our professionals adhere to strict guidelines and regulations, prioritizing the well-being and best interests of the birth mother and child.
  4. Local resources and familiarity: Adoption Choices of Texas adoption agency based in Austin has excellent knowledge of local resources, including medical facilities, legal support, and local birth mother support groups. This can provide an additional layer of ease and comfort during the adoption process.
  5. Personalized assistance: Our adoption agencies in Austin offer individualized and personalized assistance to birth mothers. This can include tailored counseling, assistance with selecting adoptive families, and helping with post-placement contact arrangements, ensuring that the birth mother’s specific needs and desires are met.
  6. Location convenience: Choosing our adoption agency in Austin provides convenience in terms of location. It allows for more accessible in-person meetings and support sessions, reducing the need for long-distance travel.

Ultimately, the decision to choose Adoption Choices of Texas adoption agency in Austin should be based on individual preferences and needs. Considering the range of options, local resources, and support provided by our reputable agency can help a birth mother make an informed decision.

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