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Open Adoption in Austin

You have the right to choose an open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption with our Austin adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Texas. An open adoption is going to provide you an opportunity to get to know the adoptive family you choose to place your baby with. It will also allow you to watch your child grow and potentially get to know him/her as well.

Open adoption can range from in person visits to video calls or phone calls, emails or letters, sharing photos, and more. The open adoption plan is as unique as your adoption plan. With the adoptive family, you will communicate your desires and together you can decide what works best for you both. The relationship is usually fluid; it will change, develop, grow, and sometimes even diminish.

Semi-Open Adoption in Austin

A semi-open adoption is going to be a little less contact than with an open adoption. You will still know who the adoptive family is, but maybe the relationship will be mediated between the adoption agency. Phone calls, emails, letters, and pictures are often shared. In person visits with the family and/or the child is usually limited.

Sometimes, in a semi-open adoption, contact between the birth parents and adoptive family will stay anonymous and confidential. Mediated by the adoption agency, you may talk on the phone or emails – but will never meet.

As the birth mother, what a semi-adoption looks like/feels like is up to you. And we will match you with an adoptive family who is respectful of your choices.

Closed Adoption in Austin

A closed adoption is just as it sounds, closed. You will not meet the adoptive family and they will not meet you. No information about who you are is shared with the adoptive parents and vice versa. In the past, almost all adoptions in the U.S. were closed. But today, in modern adoption, most adoptions have some level of openness. Once again, the birth mother decides and the adoptive family agrees.

Choosing Type of Adoption in Austin

As a part of your adoption plan, your adoption specialist will ask you what level of openness you want to have with your child and with their adoptive parents. We will match you accordingly and help develop what this means. Everyone will know what to expect and you can feel confident with your choices.

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