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Unplanned Pregnancy Options in Austin

Unplanned pregnancies leave you with three options, parenting, terminating, or putting your baby up for adoption. Terminating a pregnancy is no longer feasible and parenting a child is a difficult task, especially when you’re unprepared. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and need options in Austin… In other words, if need to place your baby up for adoption, there are local adoption resources available to assist you.

No matter who you are, or what your age we will be in your corner no matter what. Austin adoption agencies can provide you with adoption planning services, financial support, medical care, housing assistance, and adoption counseling. Adoption Choices of Texas can provide you with specialized adoption resources in cases of unplanned, teenage, or crisis pregnancy.

Adoption Planning in Austin

Adoption planning means reviewing various details in the adoption process, including your birth plan and the resources you need. The birth plan will detail your needs and requests for the adoptive parents while you’re at the hospital. Do you need them to drive you to the hospital, or do you need us to provide transportation? Are there any reliable, supportive loved ones that should be contacted when you go into labor? Do you want the adoptive parents to wait outside or stay in the room as you give birth?

It’s important to have a birth plan as it helps you mentally prepare for the birth. Planning also helps the adoptive parents and our adoption team provide you with the comfort you need. Once we’ve determined your birth plan, we’ll need to discuss the other services you need.

Financial Assistance for Birth Parents

If you are pregnant and need financial support there are local adoption agencies that can support you. Your financial support will be provided until one month after the birth. The financial support may be provided by adoption agencies in Austin or Houston, or by the adoptive parents. Financial support can provide for your rent, utilities, groceries, legal fees, transportation, and maternity clothing. We’re able to cover your rent and utilities so that you have one less thing to worry about. We can provide money for your groceries and crucial information about which foods to avoid while pregnant.

If you have any legal proceedings, we can advocate for you, provide proper legal counsel, and pay any fees. Our agency can drive you to your job, home, the adoption center, your doctor’s office, and your family’s house. While not as important as rent, or groceries, maternity clothing is still an important part of the adoption process. It’s vital to find comfortable clothing that fits, stretches, and provides warmth and protection for your baby.

Adoption Support Housing During Pregnancy

Local adoption agencies in Texas can provide you with a safe, clean place to stay, while pregnant. If you don’t want your loved ones to learn of your pregnancy, an Austin adoption center can support you. Everyone needs safe shelter in their time of need, especially in cases of unplanned or crisis pregnancy. Austin adoption agencies have specialized housing for birth mothers going through unplanned pregnancies. Our housing is staffed by adoption professionals who can support you in your time of need.

Medical Services for Birth Mothers

If your insurance cannot cover your medical expenses, we can provide support and provide our medical services. We can provide you with pre-and post-natal exams to care for you and your baby. Your doctor will check your blood pressure, heart rate, and weight and evaluate your blood for any health issues. The weight check will be used to try to determine how healthy the baby is. Your doctor may recommend various lifestyle changes related to your diet. The adoption coordinator will help you make said changes, and try to keep you calm, in these stressful times. 

Choosing the Right Adoptive Family

You will be given complete authority to decide which adoptive parents get to raise your baby. However, there will be an adoption coordinator to help you choose which adoptive parents best meet your standards. Your adoption coordinator is trained to find adoptive parents that meet your specifications.

Adoption agencies rigorously screen potential adoptive parents, by checking their criminal, financial, psychological, and physical health records. Adoptive parents must pass and follow the state requirements for the adoption process in Texas. Professional caregivers teach adoptive parents how to care for children of any age. Your baby will be in the hands of well-trained, prepared, emotionally mature adoptive parents.

Adoption Types in Austin

You will determine what type of adoption plan you want. An adoption plan determines how much contact you and the adoptive family are comfortable having with your child. There are three types of adoption plans to consider: open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption.

Open adoptions involve you and the adoptive parents agreeing to open contact until the baby is eighteen. You give them all your contact and medical information, and they give you their contact information. Rest assured with regular updates about your child related to milestones like first words, medical updates, interests, and hobbies. The adoptive parents may provide you with videos, pictures, drawings, phone calls, or face-time meetings with your child.

Semi-open adoptions involve sharing updates via email while avoiding providing anything that can be traced back to you. This form of adoption provides you with a mix of privacy, flexibility, and much less pressure. Your identity will remain a secret and you won’t be bothered unless there’s something important happening. You and the adoptive parents can talk as often as you both need to. Feel free to move on with your life, and not let adoption define you.

Closed adoptions have you surrender the baby and have no contact with them whatsoever. These adoptions are rare, but if it’s too painful to see your baby, they may be right for you. You should talk to your adoption counselor about which type of adoption may be healthiest for you.

Adoption Counseling with Adoption Choices

Giving up your baby is always difficult, but some counselors can assist you with your pre-and post-adoption counseling. Your counselor will mentally prepare you for the birth, and the adoption process. They will ease you into the idea of surrendering your baby and help you understand and express your pain.

Once your child is taken by the adoptive parents, your counselor will try to help you process the adoption. These counselors have experience with post-adoption grief and postpartum depression and can provide you with the tools to cope. Your counselor will assess your grief and discuss the therapy options available, to see which sounds best for you. They will provide healthy coping mechanisms for grief and supportive discussion of post-adoption pain.

Adoption Agencies in Texas 

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy please contact a local Texas adoption agency, so they can assist you. Local agencies can provide financial support, groceries, rent, utilities, transportation, maternity clothes, housing, and medical care.

Adoption agencies will help you plan for the birth and determine how much contact you want with your child. You can decide the adoptive parents, and whether you want them with you in the hospital. Austin adoption agencies can provide you with mental and physical health services to prepare you for the birth. Adoption counselors will help you come to terms with the loss of your child and listen to your frustrations.

If you are a birth mother who needs adoption support, allow Adoption Choices of Texas to support you. Adoption Choices of Texas is a licensed private adoption agency, staffed by countless supportive adoption professionals. We can provide you with financial support, financial assistance, medical care, and compassionate staff to assist you. Our main office is located at 5005 W. Royal Lane, Suite 291, Irving Texas 75063.

Adopción Elecciones de Texas te proporcionará adopción de bebés, estabilidad financiera, cuidados médicos, y un lugar Seguro para permanecer. Nuestra oficina está en 5005 W. Royal Lane, Suite 291, Irving Texas 75063.


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