Pregnant? Considering adoption?
Choosing adoption for my baby.

Choosing Adoption for my Baby in Dallas Texas

If you are a pregnant woman or couple in or near Dallas and considering adoption, Adoption Choices of Texas helps pregnant women and birth mothers in Texas, and beyond. If you are pregnant and don’t know what to do or don’t want to have a baby and you’re considering your pregnancy options and need help now, we offer the best adoption services in Texas. Call or Text us at 945-444-0333. We understand that your situation is unique and we are here to help you quickly.

We can provide support in the means of finances, rent, safe housing, utilities, food, ensure you have access to the medical care you need, supportive counseling, and much more. The adoption process is simple with our Texas adoption center and always comes at no cost to the birth parents. We can meet you in person where you want  to meet or you or you can come to our Dallas location to discuss your pregnancy options with an adoption specialist.

Unplanned Pregnancy Options in Dallas Texas

Unplanned pregnancies are common and we are each faced with the same decision: parent, terminate, or choose adoption. Each choices comes with its list of pros and cons. Maybe you aren’t to parent or don’t want to parent. Maybe it’s too late to terminate your pregnancy or you don’t want to terminate but still don’t want to keep the baby. Adoption is still an option, a healthy, loving option!

No matter what situation you are in or what you worried about, we have the experience to help. We have helped women and couples across Texas when faced with a pregnancy and considering adoption. If you’re in a difficult situation such as facing incarceration, homeless, drugs or alcohol, domestic violence – we are here to help. If you are a teen, a young woman and just not ready to parent, we can help. If you are already a mother and raising a family and can’t afford another baby, we can help. If the baby has already been born, we can help; newborn adoption is an option as well as toddler adoption.

Take a deep breathe, we are here to help!
Here are some next steps to help you move forward:

  • Start taking care of yourself right away.
    • If possible, stop alcohol, tobacco, and drug use.
    • Please know that if you battling substance use, you can still choose adoption with our agency. We will never judge you nor will you get in trouble for using.
  • Make a doctor’s visit to confirm your pregnancy.
    • Discuss your health and issues that could affect your pregnancy.
    • Ask for help quitting smoking.
    • Find out what you can do to take care of yourself and your unborn baby.
  • Seek support with professionals.
    • Adoption Choices of Texas professionals will discuss ALL your options: parenting, terminating, adoption.
    • Contact us at 945-444-0333 when you are ready!
  • Seek support in someone you trust and respect too – family and friends!
Dallas choosing adoption

How do I choose adoption for my baby in Dallas Texas

Once you feel ready to discuss adoption, contact our adoption professionals at 945-444-0333. We are a LOCAL, private agency. Most of our staff have been touched by adoption either as adoptive parents, birth mothers, or we are adoptees. You will not be just a number with our agency. We want to get to know you, understand your situation, and discover your wants and needs through this process. We will go through all the steps and paperwork to make sure you are confident and comfortable with your decision.

You can find our adoption process steps here.

Talk to a Dallas adoption counselor

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