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adoption in Dallas TXAn unplanned pregnancy can be difficult to deal with for an expecting woman. It is okay if you are not ready to raise your child or you do not want to raise another child. Perhaps you are young and you’re considering teen pregnancy options.

Possibly, parenting is not an option. Alternatively, terminating your pregnancy is not an option if you are over 6 weeks pregnant. Luckily, choosing to put your child up for adoption if your situation is not suitable for you to raise a child is a loving, healthy option. 

You may feel that finding information about adoption is overwhelming. Likely, you have searched and found adoption agencies, adoptive parents, adoption lawyers and centers and clinics. How do you know what is legit? Indeed, Adoption Choices of Texas is – licensed, local, a full-service adoption agency.

If you are considering to give up a baby for adoption, first, understand you are NOT giving up. Taking control of your situation and making a decision to give your baby a chance is brave. And it’s love. To get you started, here is some essential information about adoption in Dallas that will be helpful for your adoption process


Why Choose Adoption?

Every woman, pregnant mother, person has her unique reason for choosing to place her baby for adoption. What are the reasons why women choose adoption for their child? Typically, birth mothers today decide on adoption out of LOVE. They choose adoption because they’re considering their child’s interests before their own. Here are some reasons why adoption might be right for you:

  1. Not ready to be a mom/parent.
  2. Don’t want to be a mom/parent.
  3. Unable to provide for another child.
  4. Desire to provide the child a better life.
  5. Not mentally or emotionally able to raise a child.
  6. Not physically able to raise a child.
  7. Unstable or unsafe living environment.
  8. The child is at risk of entering the foster care system.
  9. Incarceration, prison or jail.
  10. In an unhealthy or abusive relationship.
  11. Unknown or unsupportive birth father, don’t want to single parent.
  12. No support system.
  13. To help a family who can’t have kids of their own.
  14. Education or career goals.
  15. Struggling with addiction or unhealthy habits.
  16. The baby requires additional needs, special needs.
  17. Victim of rape, sexual abuse, or incest.
  18. A personal connection with adoption.
  19. To create a “silver lining” to an unplanned pregnancy.
  20. Love for the baby and want the best for them.


How do I Place a Baby For Adoption in Dallas?

You may feel lost when planning your adoption, but always remember that when you work with a licensed agency, you will have help! Here are some fundamental steps that you will need to complete during your adoption process:

  1. Contact Adoption Choices of Texas for help. We are a full-service, licensed agency. We will ensure you have a legal, ethical, and moral adoption.
  2. Adoption Choices of Texas will connect you with an adoption counselor. He/she will become your advocate and support through the adoption process in Dallas. 
  3. Create an adoption plan with the help of your adoption counselor. An adoption plan outlines what you need and want through your adoption journey.
  4. Connect you with great medical resources and make sure you are in good care. We can help find prenatal care, maternity clothes, transportation to and from appointments, and more.
  5. Select the type of openness level you want with your adoptive family and your child. Choose an open adoption, semi-open, or even a closed adoption with our Dallas adoption agency.
  6. Choose the adoptive parents for your child with assistance from your adoption counselor. You’ll be shown multiple profiles and you can choose the forever home for your child. 
  7. Maintain great physical and mental health throughout your pregnancy. Receive free guidance and adoption counseling.
  8. Sign the relinquishment and transfer your parental rights. Once you give birth you will sign final paperwork and your child will leave the hospital with the adoptive family.
  9. Return to your life after finalizing your adoption plan. We will not leave you in the dust! We will provide post-placement support for up to 6 months after birth and counseling always! 
  10. Participate in your child’s future development depending on the openness you choose. If you chose an open adoption, you have the opportunity to be involved in your child’s life with the adoptive family. This is no co-parenting, this is a relationship. 


Benefits of Choosing Adoption in Dallas

Choosing adoption is a great act of bravery and responsibility. Your child will receive great care and an opportunity to create a loving family. There are many benefits to choosing adoption as a birth mother, and let’s take a look at them.

  1. Be in control of your own life and body.
  2. Provide your child with better life opportunities and long-term development.
  3. Adoption Choices of Texas will provide a safe space for you to share your feelings.
  4. Choose whether you want to maintain contact with your child and the adoptive parents. 
  5. We will help you choose the adoptive family for your child by offering ideal candidates’ profiles and suggestions.
  6. Pursue your personal goals.
  7. Adoption Choices of Texas will offer financial support with essential expenses for birth mothers in need.
  8. Receive counseling services from our counselors.
  9. You may join a support group to hear from more birth mothers with similar experiences.
  10. Build a meaningful relationship with your child based on the type of adoption plan you choose.


Why Choose Adoption Choices of Texas?

give up for adoption DallasThere are many adoption agencies in Texas, and you should choose one that can meets your needs throughout your pregnancy. Straightaway, Adoption Choices of Texas is a professional adoption agency that wants to help as many birth mothers as possible. Here are some things that set us apart from other agencies:

  1. Professional counselors are ready to help you create a personalized adoption plan based on your needs.
  2. We can help find necessary help for birth mothers in regards to medical care, financial expenses, therapy/counseling sessions, and more.
  3. Contact us 24/7, on a daily basis, which means you can contact us at any time. Our team is ready to assist you with anything you need.
  4. Adoption Choices of Texas has multiple locations within the state, and we can come to you. You will meet us in person! 


Birth Mother Rights Adoption in Dallas

If you are considering making an adoption plan for your child, it is important that you understand your rights as a birth mother. Adoption laws vary from state to state, so all birth parents should speak with an experienced adoption professional in order to understand state specific laws. As such, here are a few of your rights:

  1. As a birth parent of a child, you have the right to make decisions regarding the care of your child, as long as it does not jeopardize the health and safety of the child.
  2. Therefore, you have the right to choose to place your child for adoption.
  3. In fact, you have the right to understand ALL your options.
  4. You also have the right to change your mind at anytime during the adoption process in Dallas Texas.
  5. You have the right to a safe, ethical, legal adoption journey (and you deserve it!)
  6. In making such a huge decision, you have the right to never be coerced or pressured in to choosing adoption.
  7. Assistance with your expenses is one of your rights! And, you have the right to obtain prenatal medical care at no cost to you.
  8. Choosing an open or closed adoption is also your right as a birth mother.
  9. Interested in meeting the adoptive family? You have the right to interview and meet the adoptive parents.


Adoption Birth Mothers Testimonials

Unquestionably, there is nothing more convincing and reassuring than stories from other birth mothers who have been in your shoes before. We have served countless birth mothers with their adoption; therefore, here are some ways you can hear their stories:

  1. Adoption Choices of Texas shares regular blog posts and social media posts about birth mothers’ experiences.
  2. In Dallas, Adoption Choices of Texas can link you with other birth mother’s and/or a support group to hear from experienced birth mothers if you need.
  3. Additionally, Adoption Choices of Texas has home study sessions for adoptive parents to complete a pre-adoption assessment. 


We Will Always Help You With Adoption in Dallas

adoption agency in Dallas TXHave you Googled “pregnant give up for adoption“? Unplanned, unwanted, and weighing your options? In this case, we want to encourage you to consider adoption as a choice. Above all, the extra help you get from private adoption agencies in Texas will be beneficial for your adoption journey. Adoption Choices of Texas can provide essential assistance for you.

For more information about adoption agencies in Texas and putting your child up for adoption, please visit our website. As an expectant woman or birth parent, to learn more about adoption, contact Adoption Choices of Texas. Call us at 945-444-0333, text us at 945-444-0333, or email us here.

Instead, if you are hoping to adopt, please visit us here. We look forward to helping you through your adoption journey!

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