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What does ‘giving up my baby’ mean?

Placing a child for adoption means that a pregnant woman or couple is in a situation where parenting is not an option nor is terminating the pregnancy. No matter why or what the reason is behind choosing adoption, it is a SAFE, HEALTHY, LOVING option and can be a very rewarding experience.

Choosing adoption does not mean that you are giving up a baby. This terminology comes from an archaic past. This terminology, with others like “put up child for adoption” comes from the 1800’s during the Orphan Train Movement. Times have changed, adoption has changed and adoption language has changed. As we continue to advocate positive adoption language, this is still a popular phrase that people use to find adoption support.

Often times people outside of the adoption world do not know positive adoption language and may use these phrases in search. Rest assured that when you speak with one of our adoption specialist that we will never use that language. We want you to feel valued and respected and trust that your decision is not being taken lightly.

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Create a Houston Adoption Plan

You are in control of every aspect of the process when placing a baby for adoption in Texas with our agency – from choosing the adoptive family to how much contact you want after the adoption. If you’re not sure where to begin, Adoption Choices of Texas can help you outline what kind of life you want for your child. With our help, you will create an adoption plan detailing all of your desires for your adoption journey. This can include:

  • The family dynamics, hobbies, lifestyle or values of your ideal adoptive family
  • How much contact you want with the adoptive family before the birth, at the hospital, and post-placement
  • Your desires for your hospital stay
  • How much time you want to spend with your baby at the hospital
  • How much contact you want with the adoptive family and your child after the adoption

The adoption plan will also include your needs for financial assistance, safe housing, whether or not you need transportation for medical support, legal support through the adoption process, and counseling. The adoption plan is always free for women who choose to place their child for adoption.

The birth parents who work with us feel safe, cared for, well represented, and respected. We will never judge you for the situation you are in nor for choosing adoption. We will never force you to make decisions that you aren’t comfortable with nor will we coerce you in to choosing adoption.

Adoption Agencies Near Me in Houston

Adoption Choices of Texas Houston office is proud to offer personalized adoption  services to Houston and surrounding communities. Our Houston adoption team encourages you to text, call, or email us. We can meet in person too! We love helping women and families learn more about adoption. Because we’re local in Houston, we can offer you in-person support and guidance. We know that can make all the difference when navigating adoption.

Why Choose Adoption Choices of Texas?

Of course we’re going to tell you we are the best adoption agency in Houston – in all of Texas! But so will the birth mothers who have worked with us. So will the adoptive families who have worked with us. And so will other agencies and organizations who have worked with us. And the number one reason is because we take care of birth mothers. We provide the care and support that an expectant woman who chooses adoption needs and wants. Adoption is not easy but it can be a loving and healthy experience with the right support.

In addition to financial assistance, we provide counseling and emotional support to birth mothers. Throughout her pregnancy, throughout the adoption steps, through the babies birth, and even after the adoption is final – we are here for you. We can’t provide financial assistance forever but we can definitely provide what is allowed by law and help prepare you for life after adoption.

Why else? We are available across Texas. We are licensed – which means we follow the highest standards of legal, ethical, and moral adoption practices. We are your advocate and will make sure your rights are protected. You have the right to choose adoption and be educated regarding your adoption options. We will never influence or pressure the birth parent(s) into a decision. We are available 24/7. In person, virtually – however you feel comfortable and want to meet us – we’re here for you.

Putting My Child Up for Adoption

Putting my child up for adoption” typically refers to the process where a pregnant woman, facing difficult circumstances or unable to care for a child, decides to relinquish parental rights and place her baby in the custody of adoptive parents. In Texas, the process is regulated by state laws and adoption agencies, ensuring that the child’s well-being and the birth mother’s rights are protected.

When a woman chooses adoption, she enters into an agreement where legal parental rights are permanently transferred to the adoptive parents. This means that the birth mother will no longer have legal rights or obligations towards the child, and the adoptive parents assume complete responsibility for the child’s care.

If a woman in Texas is considering adoption, the first step is often reaching out to our Houston adoption agency to understand the process and explore available options. Our professionals will provide guidance, educate the birth mother about her rights, and offer support during the decision-making process.

The birth mother has the right to choose the adoption plan that suits her best. She may decide on an open adoption, where she can maintain some level of contact and involvement in the child’s life, or a closed adoption, which involves no contact or information exchange. Texas law allows both types of adoption arrangements, and the birth mother can decide the level of involvement she desires.

During the adoption process, the birth mother will be provided with counseling and support services to help her navigate the emotional and practical aspects of the decision. This may include assistance with medical care, legal matters, and financial support for expenses related to the pregnancy.

Once the baby is born and the birth mother’s parental rights have been terminated through legal consent, the adoption is finalized through a court process. Afterward, the adoptive parents assume full responsibility for the child’s upbringing and become the child’s legal parents.

It’s important to note that the decision to place a child up for adoption is deeply personal and often emotionally challenging. Women considering adoption should seek guidance from professionals who can provide the necessary information, support, and resources to ensure they make the best choice for themselves and their child’s future.

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