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Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can stir up many emotions in the birth mother. It can cause anxiety, fear, and depression. This is especially true if the proper support isn’t provided. When adoption is considered, these emotions can be triggered to be heightened. You may feel like you’ve given up on your child. You may also feel lost in understanding the adoption process and all that goes into it. If this is the case for you, we can support you along this journey.

If you’re interested in learning about the adoption process in Texas, we can educate you. At Adoption Choices of Texas, we will support you, advocate for you, and inform you throughout the adoption process. We have birth parent counselors available at all times to answer any questions and address your reservations. We will empower you with the adoption information needed to make the best decision for you and your child. In this article, you will find useful information regarding adoption in Texas. That includes counseling and support groups available, selecting an adoptive family, and the legal procedures involved. 


Creating an Adoption Plan in Texas

If you are in Texas and thinking about putting your baby up for adoption, there are important considerations. Though we will be there to assist you along the way, you hold the authority to control what happens. Creating an adoption plan may be the most important thing you do along this journey. This is because it outlines how you want each step to go. Some of the steps you will be in charge of include:

  • The type of adoption you want.
  • The adoptive family for your child.
  • The resources you’ll need throughout your pregnancy (emotionally and financially).
  • The hospital and birth plan you want.

We are here to support you as you make your adoption plan. Upon completion, you will feel more confident and prepared for what is to come.


Considering the Different Types of Adoption

One of the first things you will have to establish is the type of adoption you desire. The three types to choose from are open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption. They come up with their own unique pros and cons to weigh with varying communication amongst the adoption triad. 

  • Open adoption offers the highest level of communication and transparency, with no barriers between you and the adoptive family. 
  • Semi-open adoption offers some level of communication, with the adoption agency being more involved.
  • Closed adoption offers the most anonymity, with neither party communicating. The agency is in control of the entire process through this type of adoption.

Essentially, your desired communication with your child and their new family will be the determining factor. Also, your involvement in the process will be a factor. If these are two things you want, open or semi-open adoption would be for you. If not, you may want to explore a closed adoption. 


Choosing the Adoptive Family

Once the type of adoption is decided, you will begin looking for the ideal adoptive family for you. We will provide you with information and family profiles, but the decision is based on who you see fit. You want to consider things like the environment, family and parental morals, and race and ethnicity. There may be other factors that you value. Whatever they may be, we will filter the profiles we show you based on your vision.


Resources Available to You with Adoption Choices of Texas in Killeen

Here at Adoption Choices of Texas, we have many years of experience assisting birth mothers. To make life easier for you, we provide various benefits to all eligible birth mothers throughout and sometime after the adoption is finalized. Some of the ways we support you include:

  • Financially: This includes living expenses such as rent, utilities, food and clothing. If you don’t have insurance, we will help pay for prenatal care and other medical expenses.
  • Transportation: This includes driving you to and from any appointments with us or the hospital you’ll be receiving care from.
  • Counseling: This includes counseling from licensed social workers. If needed, referrals can be given to see a professional counselor during and after the pregnancy.

Additionally, we assure you that adoptive families we have are thoroughly vetted. This is to ensure your child is placed in a safe and loving environment. Also, all necessary legal procedures are coordinated and covered by us as well. Reach out to us if you are looking for reputable adoption agencies in Houston. We also work in other parts of Texas as well, including Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio.

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If you are planning on putting your baby up for adoption, consider partnering with us through your adoption. We are equipped to be present and beneficial for your adoption experience. We are one of the best TX adoption agencies and would be happy to embark on this journey with you. Contact us today!

Page content prepared in part by Noah Abrams

Navigating Pregnancy and Adoption as a Military Service Member

Pregnant Female SoldierThere is a major military presence in Killeen as well due to the military base. If you are a part of the military community in Texas, you also have adoption options with Adoption Choices of Texas. 

Being pregnant in the military and considering adoption can be a complex and challenging experience. Military service members who become pregnant must navigate a unique set of circumstances due to the demands of their service, regulations, and the potential impact on their careers. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Military Regulations: Each branch of the military has its own policies and regulations regarding pregnancy. These policies typically outline requirements for notifying chain of command, medical care, duty restrictions, and maternity leave. It’s essential for service members to familiarize themselves with these regulations to understand their rights and responsibilities.
  2. Medical Care: Military personnel receive medical care through the Military Health System (MHS). Pregnant service members will have access to prenatal care through military healthcare providers, either on base or through TRICARE, the military’s health insurance program. The quality of care can vary depending on the location and availability of resources.
  3. Duty Restrictions: Depending on the nature of their duties and the stage of pregnancy, service members may face restrictions on certain activities, deployments, or assignments. These restrictions aim to ensure the safety and well-being of both the service member and the unborn child.
  4. Maternity Leave: The military offers maternity leave to service members who give birth or adopt a child. The length of maternity leave varies by branch and may be influenced by factors such as childbirth complications or multiple births. Planning for maternity leave is crucial, as it involves coordinating with the chain of command and managing leave balances.
  5. Consideration of Adoption: For service members who are considering adoption, there are additional factors to weigh, including the emotional impact of the decision, the legal process of adoption, and the support available both within the military community and from external adoption agencies.
  6. Support Services: Military installations typically offer support services for pregnant service members and those considering adoption. This may include counseling, support groups, financial assistance programs, and resources for navigating the adoption process.
  7. Career Implications: Pregnancy and adoption can have implications for a service member’s military career, particularly if they are in a specialized role or career track. It’s essential to understand how these decisions may impact promotions, assignments, and long-term career prospects.
  8. Legal and Financial Considerations: Adoption involves legal and financial considerations, including the cost of adoption, legal documentation, and potential financial assistance or benefits available through the military or external adoption agencies.

If you are a pregnant soldier in and searching for adoption support, Adoption Choices of Texas can help.


I’m in the Military and got a Civilian Girl Pregnant

Finding out you’re expecting a child while serving in the military can present unique challenges and considerations. It is not uncommon for us to get a call for support from a birth father. In fact, it’s a brave call to make and we are here to discuss options with both you and the birth mother.

Here’s a rundown of the situation and why considering adoption might be the best option for some:

  1. Uncertainty with Deployment: Military service often comes with the possibility of deployment, sometimes with short notice. This can create uncertainty and instability, making it challenging to provide a stable home environment for a child. Adoption may offer the child a more predictable and secure upbringing.
  2. Financial Considerations: Raising a child is expensive, and military salaries, while providing steady income, may not always be sufficient to cover the costs of raising a child, especially if there’s only one income in the household. Adoption allows the child to be placed with a family that is financially prepared to provide for their needs.
  3. Lack of Support Network: Military life can involve frequent moves and being stationed far away from family and friends. This can limit the support available for new parents. Choosing adoption could ensure the child is placed in a loving and supportive family environment where they have access to a strong support network.
  4. Career Demands: Military service often demands long hours, frequent travel, and deployments, which can make it challenging to balance the demands of parenthood with career responsibilities. Opting for adoption might allow both parents to focus on their military duties without compromising the well-being of the child.
  5. Relationship Dynamics: Having a child can strain relationships, especially if the pregnancy was unexpected or if there are differences in values, goals, or readiness for parenthood between the partners. Adoption offers the opportunity to make a decision that prioritizes the child’s needs and ensures they are placed in a stable and loving home.
  6. Personal Readiness: Parenthood is a significant responsibility that requires emotional maturity, readiness, and commitment. Some individuals may feel unprepared or uncertain about their ability to provide the level of care and support a child needs. Adoption allows them to make a responsible decision for the child’s future while they continue to focus on personal growth and goals.
  7. Legal Considerations: Being in the military adds layers of complexity to legal matters, including custody arrangements and parental rights. Resolving these issues can be challenging, especially if there are disagreements or if one partner is deployed or stationed in a different location. Adoption provides a clear legal framework for the child’s care and custody.

If you are a soldier in the military, facing an unplanned pregnancy and searching for adoption support, Adoption Choices of Texas can help.

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