I am not attached to this pregnancy, am I a monster for choosing adoption?

No! You are not a monster. This is a common feeling of many women that pursue an adoption plan.

We often hear, “I don’t want my baby”. You likely mean that you love your baby but you don’t want to raise a child. And that’s perfectly ok. You are not a bad person, certainly not a monster! This is a normal though for many women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

You may not have the resources, finances, nor resources needed to raise a child (or another child). You know that your child deserves better than what you can provide right now. “I knew I wasn’t prepared to raise a child and knew I wanted to place her for adoption the moment I confirmed I was pregnant,” explains Kelly, a birth mother who chose to place her newborn baby for adoption. “I felt like a monster at first too but once I chose the adoptive family and felt comfortable with the adoption plan, I knew it was the right choice.”

If are pregnant and feel like you don’t want your child, we are a licensed adoption agency that can help now. Our professionals can help you navigate these feelings and go through your pregnancy options (parenting, adoption, termination). We can provide housing if you need a safe, comfortable space, financial assistance if you are struggling, counseling, and more. We handle all the legal processes of adoption ensuring you are well aware of your rights and we advocate for you as birth parents.

If you’d like to talk to me about your situation, I’m here for you! Please text or call Jennifer at 945-444-0333

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