As an OBGYN, How Can I Support My Patients Who Choose Adoption?

As an OBGYN, How Can I Support My Patients Who Choose Adoption?

As an OBGYN, one may wonder how they can best support their patients who choose adoption. It is important to be knowledgeable about the steps involved in the adoption process in order to provide the highest quality care and guidance. If a birth mother is considering adoption as an option, they can rely on Adoption Choices of Texas for assistance.

As a medical doctor specializing in infertility, pregnancy, and childbirth, it is crucial to understand these aspects when caring for a birth mother patient. To learn more about the steps involved in supporting these patients, continue reading.

What Are My Key Responsibilities In an Adoption?

As an OBGYN, providing medical care to all expectant birth mothers is a primary responsibility, including those who are considering adoption. Additional key responsibilities may include providing advice on adoption, assisting in the birth mother’s birth plan preparation, ensuring that all medical staff is prepared to carry out the birth plan, providing medical assistance during the adoption process, and regularly checking on the overall health of both the birth mother and the baby.

How Do I Prepare a Birth Plan for a Birth Mother?

In assisting the birth mother, it is important to help her prepare her birth plan. At this point, the birth mother will have already made decisions regarding the type of adoption she desires, thanks to the accurate information provided about adoptive families. Your role as the OBGYN is to assist in the birth plan preparation.

How Can I Support My Birth Mother Patient?

During this crucial time, there are three ways you can be a source of support for your patient. Firstly, the birth mother may become indecisive or seek medical advice from a professional perspective. In such situations, it is crucial to act in the best way possible, without allowing personal bias or opinion to interfere.

  • Offer Factual and Logical Advice: Drawing upon your expertise in pregnancy, childbirth, and infertility/fertility, it is essential to provide information regarding the baby’s health during the adoption process. This will help the birth mother feel at ease. If she seeks advice on medical matters, provide factual information based on your professional assessment. It is important to remain impartial, as any indication of bias or opinion may cause her stress and contribute to her indecisiveness. You can provide guidance to ease her worries and approach the decisions from a practical point of view.
  • Show empathy for the Birth Mother: Recognize that your patient may find this adoption experience challenging. She may waver in her decisions and seek your opinion. It is important to be empathetic and show sensitivity to her needs. This is a vulnerable and crucial time for her, and your support can make a significant difference.
  • Prioritize Your Birth Mother’s Needs and Wants: It is your role as a medical professional to provide accurate information about the adoption process, including any medical setbacks or options related to the pregnancy. However, it is crucial to understand that decisions, including adoption choices, are ultimately in the hands of the birth mother. Supporting her means respecting her needs and preferences throughout the adoption process. You want her to feel safe, comfortable, and confident in your care of her. Knowing that she has someone advocating for her and accepting her decisions as final is essential for her mental and physical well-being.

The Nine Unplanned Pregnancy Services

Adoption Choices of Texas offers nine essential services for birth mothers facing an unexpected pregnancy – far more adoption services than other agencies. Gaining a brief understanding of these services is important, as your birth mother patient may seek advice or guidance on their eligibility and application. Your role as an OBGYN for birth mother adoption patients includes providing logical information about these services.

1. Intake Services: Our intake services are with qualified adoption specialists that are compassionate, understanding, and ready to start your choice of your adoption plan.

2. Medical Assistance: Birth mothers may not have sufficient income to cover medical expenses, including visits to their primary doctor (in this case, you). Adoption Choices of Arizona can help cover these costs, with the bill sent to the hospital or medical clinic where your patient receives checkups.

3. Case Management Services: Our Expertise Case Manager will be assigned to you to guide you through all adoption services that we provide. They work hand-in-hand with the Executive Director to provide a wrap around approach.

4. Financial Support: Birth mothers considering adoption may face financial instability and may require assistance with expenses and living arrangements. Adoption Choices of Texas offers loans and grants to support them.

5. A Safe Place to Stay: In cases where the birth mother’s current accommodations are inadequate, they may require new housing. Adoption Choices of Texas provides potential housing options located nearby.

6. Free Support Counseling: Emotions and feelings surrounding the adoption may cause conflicts in your patient. Counseling services are available 24/7 to support birth mothers. You can offer this opportunity to your patients if they require emotional assistance throughout the adoption process. Acknowledging the challenges they may face and providing options can help them adjust mentally.

7. Free Legal Services: Our agency will arrange legal services for all your questions answered with an attorney for one-on-one service.

8. Birthing Services: One of our amazing services is we will provide an experienced adoption supportive birth doula (not affiliated with the agency) for your birthing needs.

9. Placement and Post Placement Services: Our Birth Service Professionals are qualified to help with your placement paperwork around a plan around your choices. We follow that up with post-placement support after finalization.

As an OBGYN, you are responsible for helping your patient prepare a birth plan. Be aware that she may change her mind about certain decisions, so it is important to accommodate her preferences and inform all medical staff about the schedule and specifics.


Adoption Choices of Texas can assist birth mothers in starting their adoption journey. Your patients who choose adoption will rely on you as a bridge between their medical pregnancy care and adoption advice. Your support is needed throughout the entire adoption process, and your expertise can help the birth mother feel safe, comfortable, and prepared.