Let’s Talk About Adoption Options

Being pregnant when you weren’t planning to be pregnant can be terrifying. The circumstances surrounding your pregnancy may be less than ideal. Maybe you feel you are not ready to have a baby or ready to be a parent, or perhaps you don’t want to be with the father or don’t want to be connected to him. Maybe you are in a financial crisis and can’t support a (or another) child. One or all of those things may be true. Adoption isn’t your only option but it might be the best option for you. If you do not want to parent a child, if it’s too late to terminate your pregnancy or you don’t want to terminate, adoption is a loving and healthy choice.

Pregnancy Adoption Options TexasDon’t let anyone tell you that you only have one option for you and your child – be a parent. You have many options! Depending on your life situation, your support circle, and the area you live in, there are a myriad of choices for you and your baby. The adoption community has been more creative in recent years, has been more transparent, and has opened up a world of choices that weren’t there before.  Here are a few different options:

What are my adoption options in open adoption? An open adoption is when biological parents are allowed to have a certain level of contact with their child even after adoption. This can vary and can be anywhere from a photo every year to chart the progress of your child to regular monthly, face-to-face visits in public. The level of openness can vary, but it is always done in the best interest of the child. Both birth parents and adoptive parents negotiate and may sign a post-adoption communication agreement. This legal document is drafted by professionals and approved by the courts. This agreement is enforceable in the state of Texas.

What are my adoption options in closed adoption? A closed adoption is where you voluntarily request the agency and thus courts to seal your file. The adoptive parents will not have access to your identity, and you can be assured of a certain amount of privacy and confidentiality. On the other hand, having a closed adoption also means no contact with your child until possibly adulthood. This may be painful, but necessary, in some cases.

What are my adoption options in choosing an adoptive family? If you choose an adoption plan for your child, you are making a loving sacrifice. You are not merely “giving up” your child for adoption; you are choosing to place a child in a loving, forever family who will be better able to provide for that child than you are able to right now. You can look through family profiles to find a family who shares your values and beliefs.