Pregnancy in Minors

Teen pregnancy has been declining in the U.S. over the last few years but continues to be a concern. One out of every ten women aged 15-19 becomes pregnant each year. There will be nearly 900,000 pregnant teens this year.

Most teenage girls don’t plan to get pregnant, but many do. Teen pregnancies carry extra health risks to the mother and the baby. Often, teens don’t get prenatal care soon enough, which can lead to problems later on. They have a higher risk for pregnancy-related high blood pressure and its complications. Risks for the baby include premature birth and a low birth weight.

The prevalence of teenage pregnancy is higher among:

  • Teens in foster care, who have a prevalence more than two times higher than those not in foster care.
  • American Indian/Alaska Native, Hispanic, non-Hispanic Black and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander females, who have a prevalence more than two times higher than the rate for non-Hispanic whites.
  • Teens from low-income families than teens from high-income families.
  • Teens from families with low educational attainment than teens from families with high educational attainment.
  • Teens living in rural areas than teens living in urban areas.

Choosing Adoption in Texas for a Pregnant Teen

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy as a teenager, you don’t have to keep your baby. Adoption is always an option for all women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, regardless of age. The process of adoption is also the same for all pregnant women.

Contact Adoption Choices of Texas by calling or texting us at 945-444-0333 to discuss your teen pregnancy options and decide if adoption is the right choice for you and your child. We want you to know, you are not giving up your baby, but instead, choosing the best future for you and your child. We are also available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or Snapchat.

We are a leader in the Texas adoption community and we can help provide you with the support, information, education, and resources you need to make the best decision for you.

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Texas Adoption Process for Teens

Choosing adoption as a teen isn’t much different than choosing adoption as a grown woman. Teens are treated with the same respect and care and will be surrounded by support and compassion. A pregnant teen choosing adoption will still be in full control of her adoption plan. She will be able to decide what type of openness she wants or type of adoption, she will select the child’s adoptive family, and she will decided how much involvement she wants after placement. She may be eligible for financial assistance throughout the pregnancy as well. Expenses might include living assistance, maternity clothes, transportation and more.

Step 1: Call our Texas adoption agency
Even if you are not sure that you will be placing your child for adoption, you can still contact our adoption agency and make an appointment with one of our adoption counselors. This will provide you with a safe, private and non-judgmental space to process your feelings, learn more about your options, and gain emotional support. You are important to us, and we will do our best to ensure that you have the most positive and empowered adoption experience possible with us.

Step 2: Making a Teen Pregnancy Adoption Plan
Our  professional, friendly staff will help you understand your pregnancy options and make an adoption plan that meets your needs. You will want to consider if you are ready to parent a child and what resources you will have if you choose to raise your child. We talk through your feelings, concerns, and questions without any pressure nor obligation to choose adoption.

What about the teen birth father?

Step 3: Choosing the Adoptive Family
As a teen, you still get to decide how active you want to be in choosing and getting to know an adoptive family. Some of the girls we help want to have a lot of contact, even inviting adoptive families to doctor visits. Some of the girls we help don’t want contact and have the agency choose a loving family that matches their wishes. While we advocate open adoption or semi-open adoptions, closed adoptions are also an option.

We continue to work with you through your pregnancy and birth. We will help you create a birth plan so everyone knows what you want and expect from the hospital and birth process. You will sign paperwork finalizing the adoption 48 hours after giving birth. The baby will leave the hospital with the adoptive family.

Step 4: Post-Placement Counseling
Adoption Choices of Texas will provide you with ongoing support even after your adoption is finalized. For as long as you need after the adoption, and your financial support will continue for about a month after birth. We will arrange the contact that you want to have with the adoptive family, if you want any, and we will always be available whenever you need our help.

What Do I Do If I'm a Pregnant Teen in Texas?

Surround Yourself With Caring People

Whether or not you consider the possibility of adoption, it is important to surround yourself with people who are willing to give you the amount of support you need throughout your pregnancy and afterward.

Look to family members and friends who will listen and help you make choices that will benefit your baby and you. Choosing adoption will allow you to continue your education and pursue your life’s goals. It can also provide a more secure future for your baby. Even so, you may experience guilt, anger, depression and sorrow over losing your baby to adoption. Acceptance eventually occurs, but it takes time. That’s why you need caring people who will listen to you and provide you with support as you sort through your emotions.

Get Support From Outside Sources

Being able to openly share your feelings about your pregnancy and impending adoption can help so that you don’t feel alone. If you don’t have a strong social support network, seek professional counseling with a therapist who has experience helping birth parents with the emotional impact of adoption. Adoption Choices of Texas offers counseling through your adoption journey and after the birth of your child.

You can also look for social and emotional support from a support group for birth parents, especially teenage birth parents. Whether from professionals or others in a similar situation, counseling and emotional support can help you deal with any confusion or regret you might feel so that you can move on with your life.

Increase the Chances for a Healthy Pregnancy

Proper medical care AKA prenatal care is crucial for the healthy development of your baby and reduces your risk of pregnancy complications. Pregnant teens don’t always get the prenatal care they need, especially early on in the pregnancy. If you are smoking or drinking or using drugs, you must stop as soon as you find out you are pregnant.

You have no reason not to make an appointment with a doctor or other health care provider to get the medical care you need. Following a physical examination, he or she will offer advice on exercise and nutrition, as well as order screening tests. Do not try to go at this alone, terminate your own pregnancy, or keep it a secret. Think about being SAFE and HEALTHY.

Recognize the Signs of Postpartum Depression

Teen pregnancy can also lead to depression and may be a risk factor for postpartum depression. The feelings that accompany an unplanned pregnancy or the lack of emotional support throughout your pregnancy can put you at even greater risk for suffering depression afterward.

Postpartum depression is often accompanied by anxiety, sleep problems, extreme irritability, severe mood swings, and the inability to concentrate. Whether or not you keep your baby, postpartum depression, which affects twice as many teens as adults, can have serious implications.

Getting help addressing these concerns can decrease the stress and emotional strain you feel.

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Consider Other Aspects of Your Situation

Aside from the emotional support you receive from those close to you, your moral values and spiritual beliefs may play a role in your decision to put your baby up for adoption. Your level of education and financial stability at the time of the pregnancy can play key roles as well. Your partner may also play a role.

Higher education usually is required to establish a career plan with a good outlook that will provide the income you need to raise a child. But if you drop out of school when you become pregnant or do not get adequate job training, you may find yourself unemployed or with limited job opportunities; both of which can have economic effects and may lead to living in poverty. This is the same for the father of the baby. Consider, are the 2 of you financially and emotionally ready to parent a child?

Add to the economic considerations the reactions of others when they find out that you are pregnant, and you may feel alone and incapable of raising a child at this point in your life. Yet the pain of giving up your child is something with which you must deal. Therefore, it comes down to deciding whether adoption is the right choice for you.

Adoption can be a complicated process if you’re alone. The experienced staff of Adoption Choices of Texas has worked with pregnant minors just like you. We can help you make an informed decision and, if you decide that it is the best option for you, can also aid you in navigating the adoption process. You can call us with no obligation, but to find out your options when facing an unplanned teenage pregnancy. Call or text us at 945-444-0333

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