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An Adoption Guide For Providers

Understanding Adoption

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, individuals or couples often turn to healthcare providers such as social workers, mental health workers, nurses, and doctors for guidance. If you are in this position, here is some valuable information to assist you in offering effective and precise advice as well as connect with a licensed Texas adoption agency to help.

Adoption Choices of Texas is dedicated to supporting the needs of birth parents, adoptive parents, and their children. Our core mission is to deliver exceptional adoption services before and after placement. We strive to support hopeful birth parents throughout their journey by addressing their emotional needs, creating an adoption plan, and guiding them through the adoption process.


About Adoption and Unplanned Pregnancy

What Providers Need to Know

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Engaging in your initial conversation with a pregnant individual or couple who are uncertain about their next steps can be quite challenging. To begin, we recommend discussing the available choices they have, including parenting, abortion, or adoption.

Since this is likely to be an overwhelming and emotional time for the patient, it is crucial to provide them with objective and evidence-based information about each option. By doing so, you can help relieve any tension they may be feeling. Take the time to actively listen to their concerns, address their inquiries, and offer them additional resources to aid in their decision-making process. It’s important to always remember that the final decision ultimately rests with the pregnant individual.

Furthermore, if you feel it would be beneficial, you can direct them to our organization. Our understanding and experienced counselors possess the expertise needed to effectively communicate essential information while creating an environment that is free from pressure or judgment.

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Adoption FAQ for Hospital Professionals
How to Create a Friendly Hospital Adoption Policy
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We are licensed by the State of Texas to provide professional, full-service adoption assistance statewide. We understand that everyone faces different circumstances and has different needs.

We are here to help individuals and couples make an adoption plan that meets their needs. We know that they are seeking help during a difficult time, and our goal is to address their concerns quickly and with compassion. To serve unplanned pregnancies, here are just some of the services that we provide:

  • A personal counselor to provide helpful, friendly, compassionate advice and meet birth parents exactly where they are, from the beginning and after the adoption.
  • Assistance with approved living and medical expenses during pregnancy.
  • Freedom to choose the adoptive family they want and design a personalized birth and adoption plan.
  • Consultation with an independent attorney.
  • We have qualified adoption counselors throughout Texas with offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio that will provide one on one, face to face support.