Complicated Scenarios & Adoption

No prenatal care? No ID? No insurance?
Hiding the pregnancy? We can still help you choose adoption.

Complicated Scenarios Surrounding Putting a Baby Up for Adoption

putting up a baby for adoption with adoption agenciesAre not actually complicated for us!

If you are a birth mother in Texas looking to place your baby for adoption, we can help you assess different situations. Whether you apply for adoption in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, or Austin, hardships and challenges vary for every birth mother.

At Adoption Choices of Texas, our adoption team prioritizes your needs to get through the adoption process. In other words, our adoption agencies in Texas are here to make a less stressful and successful adoption happen. The love of the adoption community will not suffice without the full support of our birth mothers. We will guide you in the right direction to proceed with all the steps in your adoption journey.

Take a look at some unique scenarios and how we can still help!

If I have no prenatal care, can I still do adoption?

Not all birth mothers have had the opportunity to see a doctor for prenatal care or even want to see a doctor for care. Some birth mothers will say, I never saw a doctor throughout my pregnancy. It is not uncommon for birth mothers to receive little or no prenatal care.

As a leading supportive licensed adoption agency, we do not discriminate against a birth mother’s medical history. Our priority is to help you get all the assistance you need to get through your adoption journey.

Adoption Choices of Texas strives to work with you in making your pregnancy and adoption experience less stressful and more manageable. When you meet one-on-one with your adoption specialist, you can request to apply for financial assistance for medical expenses, which includes prenatal care, hospital, and doctor visits – but it’s not mandatory!

I don’t have an ID, can I still choose adoption?

Whether you are undocumented or a U.S. citizen without identification, you can choose adoption in Texas. We will work with you to obtain identification. Moreover, our local adoption agencies are more than happy to assist you in creating an adoption plan.

We will connect with an adoption specialist to go over the resources you need to finalize your adoption. These resources entail your rights to seek financial assistance for housing, transportation, medical, food, and maternity clothing.

You will also have adoption options like choosing open adoption, semi-adoption, or a closed-adoption. The type of adoption you choose will establish the level of contact you want with the adoptive family. You can speak with your adoption specialist if you have any questions or concerns.

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I don’t have insurance, nor Medicaid, can I still choose adoption? 

If you have or don’t have any Medicaid, or other insurance, adoption is an option for you. Choosing adoption in Texas is not a one-size-fits-all type of adoption journey. Medicaid is one of our primary financial assistance programs to provide our birth mothers with medical coverage.

Our medical financial assistance programs will help you cover costs for prenatal care and other medical needs. It’s important for all our birth mothers to take care of any medical needs. It’s a vital necessity for you and your baby. To be able to manage your pregnancy pertains to the stability of your mental and physical health.

To learn about your qualifications to apply for Medicaid, you can consult an adoption specialist.

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I am hiding the pregnancy from my family, can I choose adoption in Texas?

hiding pregnancy from family choosing adoptionA birth mother who goes through an unplanned pregnancy usually may feel safer not telling anyone, especially her family. We understand that considering adoption is not easily accepted by a birth mother’s family or peers. This can be due to various reasons, such as your family thinking you are not equipped to raise a child. A birth mother who faces an unplanned pregnancy may also not get support from her family–emotionally or financially. These are common situations a birth mother may face, which means it’s also common for a birth mother to experience adoption fears.

However, you are entitled to create an adoption plan without letting your family know. Furthermore, you can join our counseling support services to help you overcome any emotional disturbances that interfere with your decision to choose adoption.

Creating an adoption alliance with Texas birth mothers

I am putting my child up for adoption. Is there a way I can join an adoption alliance in Texas? If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and would like to join our adoption community, we are available to help 24/7.

Adoption Choices of Texas is a licensed private adoption agency that specializes in helping birth mothers customize an adoption plan. Our adoption services correspond to a wide range of needs and resources, such as:

  • Financial assistance for utilities, housing, transportation, phone service, food, clothing, education, and maternity needs
  • Medical coverage for prenatal costs and hospital expenses 
  • Counseling services that offer emotional support during your pregnancy and opportunities to join birth mother support group counseling 
  • Financial assistance and counseling will be offered temporarily after your labor date
  • Opportunities to select an adoptive family that fits your preferences
  • A home study process to conduct background screenings and face-to-face interviews with the adoptive family

An alliance with Adoption Choices of Texas promotes every birth mother’s needs with respect to their unique circumstances. To join Adoption Choices of Texas in building families together, you can search for local adoption agencies near me. You can also fill out our contact form to describe your current situation and request information about our adoption services.

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